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The Mobile Millennium Stockholm (MMS) project is an initiative to establish a platform for research and development within real-time traffic information and traffic management in Sweden.

The need for accurate real-time traffic information is growing in almost all big cities around the world. One of these cities is Stockholm, recently named as the fifth most congested city in Western Europe. The purpose of the project is to assimilate the knowledge gained from the Mobile Millennium project at University of California, Berkeley and develop new methods for data fusion, one of the most challenging research areas in the transport community today. The data fusion methods will utilize the potential of each data source in order to improve estimations and predictions of the traffic state.

More information about the MMS project can be found on the Mobile Millennium Stockholm page.

Project material

  • Calibration Framework based on Bluetooth Sensors for Traffic State Estimation Using a Velocity based Cell Transmission Model
    The velocity based cell transmission model (CTM-v) is a discrete time dynamical model that mimics the evolution of the traffic velocity field on highways. In this paper the CTM-v model is used together with an ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) for the purpose of velocity sensor data assimilation. We present a calibration framework for the CTM-v and EnKF. The framework consists of two separate phases. The first phase is the calibration of the parameters of the fundamental diagram and the second phase is the calibration of demand and filter parameters. Results from the calibrated model are presented for a highway stretch north of Stockholm, Sweden. Available at
  • Live visualizations of prototype model output can be seen at MMS Map page.
    Congestion map

Project partners and funding

The project is funded by Trafikverket. Project partners are KTH, Trafik Stockholm and Sweco.